Eldad Elnekave, MD

Eldad Elnekave, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Zebra Medical Vision


Eldad Elnekave, MD is a US and Israeli Board Certified Radiologist and has served as the Chief Medical Officer of Zebra Medical Vision since its founding. He completed his Interventional Radiology training at Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and practices clinically as the Director of the Interventional Oncology clinic at Davidoff Oncology Center. Dr. Elnekave envisions a foreseeable future in which machine learning algorithms will contribute substantial, even critical, insight in every radiologic examination, from X-ray to CT and MRI.

Title:Malignancy Detection on Mammogram Using False-Color Enhancement via Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization

Mammography breast cancer screening over the past three decades has doubled the rate of early breast cancer detection and is credited with decreasing the mortality from breast cancer. Expert screening with current computer-aided detection (CAD) tools has sensitivity estimated between 68%-87% and specificity of 75% 91%. We present a mammography detection algorithm based upon machine learning techniques utilizing both public and proprietary training datasets. We used a committee of diversely filtered shallow Theano-based convolutional neural networks, pre- trained on ImageNet data and fine tuned using False-Color Enhanced Contrast-Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalized mammographic images. Our results yield accuracy of over 98%. 

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