Prof. Gerard G. Medioni

Prof. Gerard G. Medioni

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Departments
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA

Professor Gérard Medioni received the Diplôme d’Ingenieur from ENST, Paris in 1977, and a Ph.D. from USC in 1983. He is currently at Amazon, on leave from his position of Professor of CS at USC. He served as Chairman of the Computer Science Department from 2001 to 2007. He has published 4 books, many articles, and is the recipient of 18 patents.

Prof. Medioni is on the editorial board of several journals, and served as Chair of many conferences (CVPR, ICCV, WACV, ICPR).

He is a Fellow of IAPR, a Fellow of the IEEE, and a Fellow of AAAI.

Title:Computer Vision Now and Then: A Personal Journey

Computer Vision is a fairly recent discipline, rooted in academic research, now emerging as a red hot field. A wealth of commercial applications are being pursued by both startups and large corporations. I have the privilege of straddling both the academic and industry fields, as a professor at USC, now on leave at Amazon, and acted as a consultant to a number of companies: OptiCopy, Geometrix, Poseidon, DXO, Bigstage, PrimeSense. I will review some of the technology developed along the way, and the lessons learned, often the hard way.

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