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Yair Hanani

Yair Hanani

Algorithms Team Leader



Yair Hanani is the algorithms team leader at FDNA. He was also one of the first algorithm developers at FDNA and has a wide experience in the fields of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. He holds a BSc in Bio-Medical engineering from Tel Aviv University and an MSc in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Computer Vision from Tel Aviv University under the supervision of Prof. Lior Wolf.


How Computer Vision Helps Kids with Genetic Disorders


Rare diseases affect one in every ten people. Many of these diseases are characterized by observable traits of the affected individuals - a ‘phenotype’. In many cases, this phenotype is especially noticeable in the facial features of the patients, Down syndrome for example. But most such conditions have subtle facial patterns and are harder to diagnose. FDNA has developed a unique, Computer Vision based solution called ‘Face2Gene’ - an AI engine of suggested syndromes and genes based on facial images of the patient. FDNA will present its solution, challenges and research aspects of the phenotype analysis.