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Oren Tropp




Oren Tropp is SagivTech's CTO. He has a master in Electrical Engineering from the Technion institute of Technology in Israel. His expertise lies in the development of Computer Vision algorithms in the fields of 3D vison, classification and tracking as well as in their realization in real time and on parallel computing platforms. In SagivTech Oren is leading the Deep Learning activities of the company and is involved in several computer vision and GPU computing projects.


SceneNet - Crowd sourcing of Audio Visual Data


If you visited a rock concert recently you probably recognized how many people are taking videos of the scenario, using their mobile phone cameras.The aim of SceneNet is to use these multiple video sources to create a high quality 3D video scene that can be shared via social networks. The SceneNet pipeline starts at the mobile device where the video streams are acquired, pre-processed and transmitted to the server, where the various video streams are registered and submitted to 3D reconstruction. We will share the compute challenges of SceneNet and the GPU based acceleration on mobile devices and the server, from pre-processing on the mobile device to extremely computationally demanding algorithms such as bundle adjustment and 3D reconstruction. SceneNet is a FP7 European funded project













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