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Dr. James Fung

Project Tango Platform Software Lead



James Fung has been applying GPUs to accelerate general purpose parallel computing since their graphics-only days, with a focus on image processing and computer vision. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto.  He worked in Developer Technology at NVIDIA helping adoption of GPU Computer Vision.  He is currently the Platform Software Lead in Project Tango at Google.


Project Tango GPU Computer Vision: Early Ideas to a Working Developer Platform


Project Tango harnesses the last few decades of computer vision research to create a mobile developer platform that allows for 6-D.O.F. motion tracking anywhere with integrated depth sensing.  The current Tango tablet uses the GPU as a critical part of its processing pipeline to achieve the performance required.  This talk will discuss the capabilities of Project Tango, the role of mobile GPU Computer Vision, challenges and solutions in implementation and ideas on what is next.












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