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Tal Hassner

Senior Faculty
Open University



Tal Hassner is a member of the senior faculty at the Open University of Israel since 2008. Tal received his MSc. and PhD degrees, both in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, in 2002 and 2006 (respectively), from the Weizmann Institute of Science. His distinctions include the best Student Paper Award at the IEEE Shape Modeling International (SMI) Conference, 2005, and the AIM@SHAPE Best paper award 2005. His work on face recognition was proclaimed the highest scoring method on the LFW face recognition benchmark at the "Faces in Real-Life Images" ECCV workshop, 2008. His research interests are in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition with a particular emphasis on face image analysis.


A Short Intro to Deep Learning for Face Recognition


Over the last couple of years Deep Learning (DL) based methods have provided computer vision with an ever growing range of effective, problem solving tools. This brief introduction to DL is intended to provide a bird's eye view of these methods. I will therefore assume little or no previous background with these methods. A particular focus will be given to recent advances at the Open University of Israel, Computer Vision lab, in the field of face image recognition and analysis using DL-based systems.













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