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About IMVC

The image processing, video and computer vision communities in Israel are world class leaders in the field, with large and dynamic presence in both industry and academia. The conference is a unique opportunity for companies from diverse industrial fields to meet with research groups of academic institutions heading machine vision research in Israel.

This conference will serve as a venue for academic researchers, algorithm experts and engineers, product managers, and system managers from companies in various segments of the industry (medical, military, security, etc.) to gain exposure, exchange ideas and foster collaboration. The conference will focus mainly on the innovative work taking place in the industry today, and will serve as a point for cross-fertilization of ideas between academia and industry. In addition to lectures on algorithmic subject, there will also be lectures on software, hardware and technological subjects.

An exhibition will be held in conjunction with the conference, where companies directly and indirectly engaged in the field (software houses, hardware importers) can display their products, and the public involved in this field will be given the opportunity to view the cutting-edge technologies.

The aim of the conference is to showcase and reveal professional and innovative knowledge that will provide added value to developers in the vision field. It will serve as a base and lever for a dynamic cross-fertilization of ideas and joint ventures between academia and the various industrial companies involved in these diverse technological fields. 

Target Audience:

Engineers, designers and developers, programmers, manufacturers, senior executives and decision-makers in the following areas:

  • Defense industries
  • Security companies
  • Medical devices companiesי
  • Printing industry
  • Process-inspection companies
  • Wireless and cellular technologies
  • Gaming
  • Internet companies
  • Camera manufacturers
  • Optics companies
  • Sensor manufacturers
  • Technological divisions in the IDF and MOD
  • Researchers and students studying for advanced degrees in the various universities and colleges
  • Algorithm developers, software and hardware engineers
  • Technological leaders, CTOs and CEOs