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Adam Polyak

Adam Polyak

Research Engineer
Facebook AI Research


Adam Polyak is a PhD student under the supervision of Prof, L. Wolf from Tel-Aviv University and a Research Engineer in the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) Group. He received the bachelors degree in computer science and mathematics from Bar-Ilan University as part of the program for mathematically talented youth, and the masters degree under the guidance of Prof. L. Wolf.

His research focuses on deep learning and includes topics such as cross domain image generation, speech synthesis and voice conversion.




In this talk, you will get an exposure to the various types of deep learning frameworks – declarative and imperative frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch. After a broad overview of frameworks, you will be introduced to the PyTorch framework in more detail. We will discuss your perspective as a researcher and a user, formalizing the needs of research workflows (covering data pre-processing and loading, model building, etc.). Then, we shall see how the different features of PyTorch map to helping you with these workflows.