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Dr. Amir Alush

Dr. Amir Alush

Co-founder and CTO


The CTO and co-founder of Brodmann17, a pioneering startup which took upon itself to solve deep learning compute on everyday devices. Prior to co-founding Brodmann17 Amir has lead highly professional deep-learning research teams at Adience and Superfish, which was one of the first companies in Israel to adopt deep learning. He specializes in Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Computer Vision and holds a PhD in Engineering from Bar Ilan University under the supervision of Prof Jacob Goldberger. 


Deploying Deep Learning on Everyday Devices


Deploying Deep Neural Networks on everyday embedded devices holds a challenge which is currently dealt by using the speed-accuracy tradeoff. This talk will focus on understanding the different components of the deep learning "stack (with emphasis on algorithms) and their impact on the final embedded applications accuracy and run-time performance. During the talk I will go over several use cases in IoT and ADAS applications which we are solving at Brodmann17.