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Dr. Assaf Glazer

Dr. Assaf Glazer



Dr. Assaf Glazer is the CEO and Founder of Nanit. Nanit is a smart baby monitor that uses machine learning algorithms to provide sleep insights through first-of-its-kind camera vision. Assaf completed his Ph.D. at the Technion, specialized in the fields of machine learning and computer vision, and later worked as a postdoctorate in the Runway Program at the Jacobs Institute at Cornell-Tech. 

Before his Ph.D., Assaf joined Applied Materials as an algorithm researcher, working on image classification methods for process control in the semiconductor industry. Prior to that, Assaf worked at Wales Ltd. as an operational researcher, providing solutions for defense systems, while applying a variety of professional and academic skills.


Using Sleep Science and Computer Vision Technologies to Improve Consumer Livelihoods


As “smart” products progress to mass adoption, companies must ensure that the “smart” continues to evolve as much as the “technology”. Nanit is doing exactly that, in the smart nursery space. Merging advanced computer vision with proven sleep science technologies, Nanit provides the most in-depth data available for helping babies, and parents, sleep well in those crucial early months and years of a baby’s development. 

This technology is expandable to the greater population as well, as tracking and understanding sleep patterns and anomalies can lead to early detection of other disease states like sleep apnea, seizures, autism and more.