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Dr. Lior Kirsch

Dr. Lior Kirsch

JCI Innovation Garage


Lior Kirsch is a machine learning researcher in JCI innovation Garage. His work focuses on extracting meaningful insights from RGB cameras, depth cameras, and various other sensors in order to solve problems in the field of security and building automation. Prior to JCI, Lior worked as a machine learning consultant to Israel’s defense sector. Lior did his Ph.D. in Machine learning&Brain science at Bar Ilan University and his main research interests are deep learning, computer vision, and network theory.


Deep Camera Radar


We present an autonomous PTZ camera solution which is able to detect, classify, track objects in real-time and estimate their real-world position. Our solution combines new advances in deep learning with a classical computer vision approach.

Fully autonomous detection camera that is able to replace a human guard was historically bounded by low-quality classification, low tracking accuracy in moving cameras and low image quality at night. Today’s evolution of DNNs, laser cameras & strong GPUs gives way to huge progress towards fully autonomous guarding-system. Our work combines state of the art classification networks with new approaches for semi-automatic calibration to create a camera-based Radar for perimeter defense.