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Dr. Royi Ronen

Dr. Royi Ronen

Principal Data Science Manager
Azure Media Services


Dr. Royi Ronen manages the Video Indexer Data Science team at Microsoft ILDC. Previously, he managed the Azure Security Center Data Science team. Prior to Microsoft, he was with Adobe and with IBM Research, working on data modeling. He earned his PhD, MSc and BSc at the Technion.


Video Indexer – Unlocking Video Insights with Machine Learning


Video Indexer ( is a new AI cognitive service by Microsoft which analyzes and indexes visual and audial data from media files. Predicted to be 80% of internet traffic before 2021, video is everywhere, and even small organizations accumulate large amounts of videos, giving rise to a pressing need to search and manage video assets.

Video Indexer uses many cutting-edge and traditional ML techniques for various applications. In this talk, we present Video Indexer in high-level, with a demo, and continue with a technical presentation two machine learning models.