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Eitan Hirsh

Eitan Hirsh

Video Engineering



Eitan Hirsh leads a team focused on depth sensing research and development at Apple, helping to bring to life new features and technologies, such as the TrueDepth camera in iPhone X. Eitan came to Apple in 2013 with more than 15 years in various technology development, innovation and management roles at PrimeSense, modu and IDF. He holds an M.Sc in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University (2007) and a B.A in Computer Science from the Technion (2001).


Depth Sensing @ Apple: TrueDepth Camera


We’ll give an overview on Apple’s iPhone X TrueDepth camera system, its design and capabilities. We’ll also describe algorithmic layers which are used in some of the features it enables, and describe how it can be used by developers.