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Hila Goldman-Aslan

Hila Goldman-Aslan


DiA Imaging Analysis 


Mrs. Goldman-Aslan is the Co-Founder and CEO of DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd.

Mrs. Goldman Aslan has previously founded several start-ups, and prior to joining DiA served as Managing Director of several startups in the biomed and security industry.

Mrs. Goldman-Aslan began her career as an attorney focused on capital market, high-tech industry and commercial law. Mrs. Goldman-Aslan holds a B.A in Business and an LL.M in Commercial Law from Tel-Aviv University.


Auto Image Processing and Machine Learning in Ultrasound


Current ultrasound evaluation are done in most cases- visually, manually or semi-automatically.

Those methods are subjective, time-consuming, error-prone, cumbersome and highly dependent on the experience of the physician.

DiA Imaging Analysis is demonstrating how the use of cognitive image processing technology, which is based on advanced pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms, automatically imitates the way the human eye identifies borders and motion and provides quick, accurate and automated data and scoring for diagnosis.