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Ofri Wechsler

Ofri Wechsler

AIPG Inference Lead Architect



Ofri Wechsler is an Intel fellow, and is the architecture lead of Intel’s AIPG global inference product line. Five years ago Ofri established the Computer Vision Group, which later morphed into AIPG (Artificial Intelligence Product Group). Prior to that he drove Intel’s CPU architecture.


Inside Artificial Intelligence - Next-level of Computing Powered by Intel AI


Intel’s AI revolution generates a range of solutions for AI, to meet each customer’s unique requirements, from general purpose to specialized acceleration needs.

Intel Israel - at the center of Intel’s AI revolution - has created a spearhead by building a strong AI portfolio including H/W, S/W, Apps/Services and Research.

Come and learn about Intel’s AI strategy and see how it enables AI innovation across all markets.

This talk will address central questions, such as:

  • What is Intel’s offering in AI silicon for different usage domains?
  • How will Intel’s new AI hardware solutions bridge the gap between lab and real production?
  • What are innovative solutions for the immense compute power that deep learning needs?