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Prof. Avinatan Hassidim

Prof. Avinatan Hassidim

Senior Lecturer
Bar Ilan University & Google


The talk will have two parts. In the first, we will give a bird eye's overview of some of Google's latest accomplishments in Machine Perception. Then, we will focus on the Israeli group, and discuss the relation between audio and video. 


Machine Perception in Google


Professor Avinatan Hassidim is a Talpiot Alumni, with over 15 years of research experience. After graduating from the Hebrew university and a postdoc at MIT he joined the faculty of Bar Ilan University, where his works were used to design the Israeli medical internship lottery, and the Israeli matching system for admittance to psychology. He now leads Google  Research in Israel.

Avinatan received numerous prizes, including the Israeli chief of staff award for excellent officer, winner of MIT 100K mobile track, runner up for best paper award in INFOCOM 2012 and 2013, and best paper award in SIGMETRICS 2011.