Amit Moran

Amit Moran

Robotics Innovation Team Leader


Amit Moran is leading the Robotics Innovation team as part of the Intel's RealSense Innovation Lab in Israel. In the past 5.5 years in the Innovation Lab, Amit has lead several novel experiences and usages, leveraging from Intel’s RealSense™ program; during which he has been inventing, designing and prototyping innovative concepts for interacting with our computing devices. Currently, Amit is leading a R&D team focused on 3D vision in robotics. Amit holds a MSc degree in Software Engineering from Institute National de Science Appliqué (INSA) de Lyon, France. He is a co-author of several patents in the perceptual computing (NUI) domain.
Title:Vision in Autonomous Systems

What if creating perceptive robots would have been easy and fun? Just plug and play. What would you do?

Intel® RealSense™ Technology is a combination of hardware and software for creating innovation around machine perception. Among other things, the hardware includes depth camera and the software includes a set of computer vision algorithms such as person tracking, scene capturing, object recognition…

In this talk we will introduce Intel® Euclid™ - an innovative all-in-one perception device developed in our innovation lab which can boost the development of any robotic project and enable robots’ perception, with virtually zero installation.

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