Dr. Dori Peleg

Dr. Dori Peleg

Imaging and Analytics Director & Technical Fellow



Dori Peleg is a director and technical fellow at Medtronic, Yokneam site (formerly Given Imaging). He leads the Imaging & Analytics department which is focused on developing algorithms in the machine learning, computer vision and image processing fields.

Dori Peleg has completed his PhD at the Technion under the supervision of Prof. Ron Meir in the department of electrical engineering. His primary research interests include machine learning techniques for object recognition in images, image classification and optimization.

Title:Big Data-Small Data: Image Classification for Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis

This talk will introduce the listeners to the world of capsule endoscopy and its computer vision and machine learning challenges. One application of this pioneering technology is as a screening tool for detecting polyps, a precursor to colorectal cancer. 

We will go over some of the technological innovations which are part of our research.  The highlight of the talk will introduce a novel and general-purpose classification algorithm aimed at directly optimizing for the image classification task. The algorithm includes handling hundreds of millions of healthy examples, seamless transitions between penalty functions and grouping examples.


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