Gene Saragnese

Gene Saragnese

Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO


Mr. Gene Saragnese is the chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Medymatch, an Israeli start up company dealing in the field of medical imaging.  Prior to joining Medymatch he was the CEO of Philips Medical Imaging, and before that he was the CTO at GE Healthcare.
Title:From Average to Expert: Reducing Medical Diagnostic Errors in the Emergency Room through AI Based Clinical Decision Support

MedyMatch is a company founded in deep learning and computer vision.  Our Tel Aviv based team of artificial intelligence, deep learning and computer vision experts, along with our world class clinical partners are innovating at the confluence of deep clinical knowhow, computer vision and learning to yield unprecedented insight into unstructured medical data.  It is our core belief that AI will unlock the full potential of patient specific decision support and allow us to discover new relationships heretofore undetected by the human eye.  MedyMatch has developed a generalized deep vision platform capable of considering the full richness of medical imaging along with any other patient data.  MedyMatch delivers patient-specific lifesaving diagnostic information directly to the physician at the patient’s bedside. By improving critical diagnostics within the acute care setting, MedyMatch will help achieve cost reductions that will cascade throughout the entire healthcare system – all while improving patient outcomes.

At this session, Gene Saragnese, Chairman & CEO of MedyMatch, and formerly the CEO of Philips Imaging Systems and Global CTO of GE Healthcare, will discuss some of its latest achievments in the utilization of the company’s AI platform in the area of intracranial bleed as it relates to head trauma and stroke.    

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