Prof. David Frakes

Prof. David Frakes

Technical Project Lead of Mobile Imaging

Google ATAP

Associate Professor

Arizona State University


David H. Frakes received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering, the M.S. degree in mechanical engineering, and the Ph.D. degree in bioengineering, all from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  In 2008 he joined the faculty at Arizona State University (ASU) where he is the Fulton Entrepreneurial Professor and a jointly appointed associate professor in the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering and the School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering. He received the 2009 ASU Centennial Professor of the Year Award, the 2012 National Science Foundation CAREER Award, the 2014 Innovator of the Year Award in the state of Arizona, and the 2014 World Technology Network Award in Health and Medicine. His general research interests include computer vision, medical devices, and fluid dynamics.  Dr. Frakes’ work is currently funded by Google, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Energy, and Mayo Clinic, among others.  Dr. Frakes is also currently serving as a Program Leader in the Advanced Technologies and Projects group at Google.
Title:Computer Vision from Academia to ATAP
Computer Vision is a long-standing field that many researchers have focused on for decades.  Among the plethora of tasks fundamental to computer vision is segmentation, or the partitioning of an image into meaningful parts.  This talk will present segmentation work from the Image Processing Applications Laboratory at Arizona Sate University focused in the biomedical field.   Specific applications to be highlighted will include segmentation as a precursor to surgical planning for congenital heart defect repair and endovascular intervention.  The basis for this work and the underlying approach taken will then be examined to compare and contrast the very different innovation models pursued in academia and industry.  Particular emphasis will be given to the innovation model employed at the Google Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP) group.  That model will be exemplified through presentation of current and emerging projects being pursued at Google ATAP.
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