Prof. Yair Weiss

Prof. Yair Weiss

International Researcher

Human Vision, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Neural Computation

Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Yair Weiss is a Professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the Hebrew University and is currently serving as the Head of the School. His research interests include machine learning, human vision and computer vision. He served as the program chair for NIPS 2004, general chair of NIPS 2005 and will be a program chair ECCV 2018.

Together with his students and colleagues he has received best paper awards at UAI, NIPS, ECCV and CVPR.

Title:Neural Networks, Graphical Models and Image Restoration
This talk discusses some of the history of graphical models and neural networks and speculates on the future of both fields with examples from the particular problem of image restoration.
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