Yaalat-Chen Zohar

Yaalat-Chen Zohar

Computer Vision Algorithm Developer



I received my B.Sc in computer engineering from the Hebrew University, specializing in electro-optics and microelectronics. In 2012 I received my M.Sc in applied physics, specializing in nanotechnology. I currently work at Rafael's Jerusalem site as a computer vision algorithm developer.

Title:Hyper-Graph Based Estimation of Velocity and Location of Moving Objects From a Monocular Moving Camera

Reconstruction of a full dynamic scene using a monocular moving camera requires reconstruction of both static and dynamic objects. We present a generic approach for simultaneous estimation of shape, location and velocity for static and moving objects using graph optimization. The main challenge is the unknown scale of each moving object; this is handled with a good initial depth estimation. For validation we created a dynamic simulation of an urban environment. On this simulation our method yields 13% velocity error when the camera is mounted on a car, and 2.8% velocity error when it is mounted on a drone.

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